Aran Blocks is a patent pending building blocks system that can be used to create useful weight bearing structures including small furniture items, such as bedside tables, laptop stand, bookshelves, tablet holders etc. Since the size and shape of the struture can be easily modified by either adding or removing blocks, they are infinitely customisable and perfect for odd corners at home. The blocks also have a hollow center to run small cables, such as headphones, charging cables or USB connectors, through them.

How It Works

The whole building system involves only 2 unique shapes. One is the block itself and the other is a cover piece. The blocks form the backbone of the system and can fit with its counterpart block on all six sides. The cover piece gives the top of the block a flat surface and also serves as a reinforcement for structures made from the block.

Born out of frustration while playing with my son Aran's construction toys, I looked for a way that a block could connect on all sides. However, what I landed on was something much much more. The unique design not only allowed connection on all sides but the lateral connections could bear an incredible amount of weight. Meaning, what started out as a toy became a full fledged modular building system

Unique Features

Only 2 Shapes

The Aran Blocks system only has two unique shapes. The block and the cover. The block is the backbone of the system and fits on all sides with its counterpart. The cover helps hold the block in place and makes a nice smooth top surface for your creations.

Easy to Build

The large blocks and inituitive design makes it very easy to assemble. A 5 year old could do it.

Build Strong

Structures made from Aran Blocks are strong. Really strong. The unique nestling system of the blocks allow horizontal surfaces you make to bear weight.

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